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Well, it is not very often someone writes something utterly stupid that I get a good laugh. This piece from Heather Chua definitely ranks up there with Xiaxue’s pro-PAP piece during the 2011 General Elections. After all, that talk about the Prime Minister, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin and Geoerge Yeo being the only ones who are considered to have made sacrifices definitely came from the same vine as Xiaxue’s utterly uninformed piece. While Xiaxue should just stick with her usual stuff and stay away from the political discourse, Heather Chua should keep her big mouth shut on the matter of NS (National Service).

Personally, I ain’t complaining about the quality of PAP supporters like these. After all, they have outsourced their thinking completely to the men-in-white and they simply suck it up regardless of what the PAP throws at them. Then again, perhaps not. I pity their husbands, and also the rest of the 39.9% of us.

Article taken from Facebook.
‘Mass facepalm’ watermark added to to emphasize my point.

For someone who has no NS obligations at all, it is quite hilarious when Heather Chua even dare utter about having our NSF (Full time National Servicemen) trained by Israelis. Does she not know even Israeli women served NS to defend the Jewish State from her enemies? Let me guess, perhaps the only thing she knew about the Israeli trainers was after she watched “Ah Boyz to Men” or after going to the Army Open House last year? It doesn’t matter that I am wrong about that, because there’s really quite a number of us who can talk about Israeli trainers too. In fact, we probably can do so in more vivid details, as if we have been there personally to experience thetekan.

The combat troops maybe the blade of the sword, but the support troops would be the hilt in which a warrior holds his weapon. For Heather Chua to denigrate the non-combat NSFs, shows her complete lack of understanding about the military. She can quit hiding her elitism behind the praises she sings of our political leaders with military background and also the combat troops because it doesn’t mitigate what she has said. Basically, it’s as good as saying “No offense but fxxk you anyway.”

Why single out the storemen and clerks for her derision? Is the life of an army clerk easy? For her information, I doubt any of the officers type their own documents. They probably consider those tasks to be beneath them and a clerk will be assigned to do it. Oh yes, the clerk is told what to type, but it will be the clerk’s responsibility to ensure that there are no errors or the officer will give the clerk hell.

I suspect, if Heather Chua has a husband and in the event of his death in service of the nation, it would be a clerk who would be preparing the document to send her the bad news. It will also be a clerk who will be identifying what sort of compensation her husband will be getting. Did she imagine that an officer would be doing all that? Perhaps. That’s because someone who comes knocking on the door might be an officer, an warrant officer or an NCO. Not the ‘chow clerk’ that she looked down on, right?

Next, logistics plays a big part in military operations. There used to be a time when the SAF maintains its own stores instead of subcontracting it to defense contractors. The storemen’s role back then, would be to maintain the equipment in those stores when they are not in use. For e.g. guess who keeps the tow bars from rust and well oiled in the vehicle store so that when it is needed, it will not be dysfunctional? Did she imagine the officers to be maintaining the store which the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) will be utilising when Operationally Ready NSmen (aka “reservists”) are mobilised in the event of war? If Heather Chua thinks that the officers are the ones that does all these work, and the storemen and clerks have their life easy, then perhaps it is high time we implement NS for women and have them staff these ‘sin lang’ (aka relax, no-pressure) positions.

Since those tasks are so easy and people just sit there as ‘tua peh kong’ doing nothing, it should be a difficulty for women like her to fill those positions right? She probably wouldn’t complain either, because she can look on the bright side as she can keep fit – perhaps even cosplay as Lara Croft *oh, the horror!* – and she gets to learn shooting and play with the SAF’s modern SAR-21 rifles too.

In fact, we might even be able to worry less about the low TFR (Total Fertility Rate) and aim for a lower population in 2030. Thank you, Heather for pointing this out so the government and SAF can evaluate the feasibility of channelling those men from vocations she despises into other more worthy, combat positions and solve the SAF’s manpower problems. In fact, even AWARE should be pleased too. NS for women will further the equality between the sexes in this country!


  1. Dear and very uneducated Heather Chua,

    modern warfare is only as successful as it is because of effective logistics and organization… so every storeman is important.. logistics is important to support the system of modern warfare… The system of general staff and clerks came up in the world wars cos armies got bigger and bigger and warfare become more complex…

    But, I don’t think you can understand this cos… well… not cos you are a gal… I know some pretty fine gal soldiers… but cos you are UNEDUCATED.

    AND… IF the Israelis were still running our army, we would still have the system of reservist and yes, even storemen… why? Cos it was the Israelis who came up with it in the first place… IDF reservists… yes… IDF = Israel Defense Force… fight battles just as heated as wars fought by regular troops. Dun believe me, GOOGLE “Battle of Jenin”, fought by IDF reservist troops…

    MY dear, stop,.. just stop ur commentaries until you have done some reading… I am feeling ticked off by this cos I really do not like reading about how gals should not comment on army… blah blah…

    I have no idea why you are kissing PAP ass so hard… are they your relatives? IF NOT… gal… stop puckering up. IF you are, well you are doing your uncles no favours saying what you say here.

    BTW I am a gal and I know gal soldiers… I support women going to NS 101%.

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