Nostalgia: Old Singapore Photos

These came through an email from a lady friend I knew from Asia FriendFinder and I thought I should share it with everyone, since they are photos of old Singapore, and a part of our common heritage.

Incidentally, when looking at the National Theatre photo and talking about it with another friend, we realised that all structures bearing the name ‘National’ (other than National Panasonic), is either demolished or getting demolished. The list: National Theatre, National Library, National Stadium. And we are trying to think if there’s anything else with the word ‘National’ in its name that’s gone or going.

Old Bus Stop

Bugis Street

Bugis Street

C K Tang

Clifford Pier

Clifford Pier

Collyer Quay

Collyer Quay

Collyer Quay

Collyer Quay

Empress Place

Lau Pat Sat

Raffles Place


Queen Elizabeth Walk

Singapore River

Singapore River

North Bridge Road

Sri Mariamman Temple

New Bridge Road

Outram Park

Van Kleef Aquarium

Queen Street

Merdeka Bridge

Hock Lam Street

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  1. That Queen street market is where I grew up in a Tailor Shophouse. Love these pictures.

  2. Hi, Can I use some of your pictures of Clifford Pier. Want to project some old pictures of Clifford Pier on the ceiling of Clifford Pier during a cocktail reception. Please let me know. Thanks

    1. I don’t own those pictures and I do not know who they belonged to. They came through an email and I just reposted them. In fact, if the owners were to contact me to have them taken off the blog, I would do so. Use at your own risks.

  3. Use to visit the Queen street open air market where my uncle n aunts had a fritter make shift stall to have some free U Char Kuay..n at times at the end of the road there is an open space where the Circus come to town still remember one group call the Tai Tian Kiew a Chinese Circus with all the tigers ,elephants Snakes. .we can see them all outside the circus area when they r not performing..still remember a Singh temple there.Good old days…I was born in # 55 Johore Road delivered by a midwife n had to move out when the government took over the place…
    It was a red light area n a lot of
    Opium dens…never forget my childhood days running around the surrounding areas..Queen St. Victoria St.. Bencoolen St.Where there is a bridge towards J on Besar..memories..

  4. Yes, Connell House is where the Treasury Building is at present. There used to be a deep swimming pool, where I often swam after work in my office at Anson Road. It was used by the maritime students of the nearby Singapore Polytechnic for their water training. I love the quiet ambience of the place but ,unfortunately, did not took any photo for the memory. Next to it was a Shell service station. Anson Road itself was very diffenrent from now. There were 2 rows of old shop houses leading to the Tanjong Pagar harbour. Off Anson Road there were many coffee shops along Tras Street .

  5. Grievous, THANKS for the memories.

    Those were the days….every shopkeeper seems to know every customer’s name . The roads were built for all users, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians …..where genuine courtesy was very much a way of life We all looked forward to the dusk when it’s time for the family and proper rest physically and mentally. We were patriotic then, purely putting nation before self.

  6. hello! can I ask your persmission to publish your photos of old Singapore? Thank you!

    1. Hi, I don’t own them. And I also do not know who the owner is. It was circulated on emails and I just took the liberty to post them.

  7. memories seems like yesterday where I use to have my food at Hock Lam street when I was schooling in Alo Chinese School.

  8. Alan> because our ‘intelligent’ gahmen calls Mandarin the collective mother tongue of the Chiense in Singapore.

    Since it used to be 福南街 (Hock Nam Street), so the building is 福南中心 (Funan Centre).

  9. Mmm … The present Funan IT Mall (fka Funan Center) was in situated along a lane formally known as located in Hock Nam Street. Thanks for the memory. I wonder why they didn’t call it “Hock Nam Center” in those days.

  10. Very nice these old pictures.
    Very different from what I see now from my porthole .

    Brings back lots of memories from the 60 and 70.
    My wife and I stayed in the Connelhouse on Anson road when joining a KPM/RIL ship..
    Cannot find any pictures of this fine merchant navy restplace on internet.
    Who can help.

  11. Very nice brings back lots of memories for this old merchant seaman.

    Pitty I cannot find any pictures of Connell House on Anson road

    Who has some?

  12. Quoted from

    “The photos in this gallery are the works of the MICA Photo Unit. Requests should be made before copying them for personal or commercial use. The use of images in this gallery is chargeable. For past images of old Singapore, visit Picture Archives Singapore (PICAS).”

    Hence, I am hesitant. There may be image rights involved. Oh well.

  13. By coincidence, my father just gave me a set of 53 post cards fiuve minutes ago and some of them are the exact same images!

    He found these in the store! Whoa!

    I will see about posting all 53 up however, I wonder about their copyright… What is your opinion?

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