Random Discourse – GE 2015, the Aftermath…

On the night 11-9-2015 and the morning 12-9-2015, there were two very common comments among my friends “I don’t understand.” and “What the hell is going on?”

If those Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Google Hangout messages were voices, I could imagine myself sitting in a control room trying to make sense of the voices screaming out in shock and disbelief.

Yes, I don’t understand either.

I mean, I expected a bloodbath for the independent candidates, the Reform Party, the People’s Power Party, Singaporeans First, the Singapore Democratic Alliance and even the National Solidarity Party. I don’t really expect big gains for the Workers’ Party and I had hoped for the Singapore Democratic Party to finally return to Parliament after so many years. I was even hopeful that the Singapore People’s Party may recapture Potong Pasir.

But I really cannot understand the “resounding slap” that was given to SPP, SDP, and WP. I am really angered by this. Why are we punishing the people who did not cause the current predicament, and are actually trying to help?! These parties have put up pretty credible and qualified candidates. I wondered how these people would have felt and thought after the post mortem analysis of the election results. What, is the message are we sending? Would their reaction be to “take off their sandals and shake the dust off their feet”, and never to return?

If so, then we are headed into a future that may perhaps be even more unbearable than we can imagine. One may say then it shows they have no fighting spirit, that they have no heart for Singapore. But a mid-30 percent vote is no affirmation or encouragement for people to come forth and serve or the present alternative ideas. It is like throw a bucket of cold water at someone who is full of enthusiasm, or sticking one’s own warm cheeks to the cold butt of a corpse.

Yes, just what the hell is going on?

In particular, Potong Pasir. It was like someone ripped my heart out. Punggol East simply gave me the impression that there are two standards of measure for hard work. The disparity between the affirmation given to Tin Pei Ling and Lee Lilian made me feel that way. So, no one should complain about the double standards and hypocrisy of the PAP, because Singaporeans apparently practised that themselves!

There are many speculations: New citizens voters, carrots like the PG card, people getting fooled by all that attack on AHPETC, or even speculations about people “doing their last bit” for the deceased Lee Kuan Yew. Or perhaps, they believed that the voters of Aljunied and Hougang should be the only ones to continue to shoulder the burden of democracy. I won’t speculate, because it really doesn’t matter. The die is cast, we’ll have to accept what comes.

When the result for Aljunied GRC is finally announced and that WP has managed to keep it hanging by a thread, the alcohol took over and I fell asleep slumped on my computer chair. It was a fitful sleep, and I woke up with a bad hangover, feeling like a part of me has died. Something angry and dark has awaken.

Singapore, to me, is no longer the same again. Henceforth, the recital of the pledge rings hollow. All that call for unity is bullshit. While in the past though I felt the National Anthem could not inspire like Israel’s Haktiva, at least I can be proud of it. Now, there is no pride either.

The Singaporean Singapore has died. Long live the New Singaporean.

For those who voted for the opposition and saw it getting trounced, it is time to ponder how we are to go from here. If you want to quit and leave, then go. There is nothing to stop you from pursuing your happiness elsewhere. Or would you prefer to volunteer for the opposition, and fight till the very end?

Before I end, I would like to add, as a friend has rightly pointed out, “The only surprise is when the complainers say one thing and do another. No conviction in their words. These are the Singaporeans I currently abhor.”

For those of you in this group, only you know who you are. I do not wish you ill, nor will I say you have lost the right to complain. But I’ll prefer not to hear you whine, because I will be ready to rub it in any time. Don’t be a pussy. If the 3 in 10 did not whine and just suck it up, then you have the least of reasons to. Just STFU… before I slap you.

Feign innocence and protest all you want, but there is a 7 in 10 chance my anger has found its target. If you unfortunately happen to be the 3 in 10, well… you know, I know, heaven know. Let us just swallow back our own sorrows in private.

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