[Gossip] Blogosphere Violence – The HK Celebrities “Photo-Gate” Scandal (艳照门事件)

The first time I heard of the term Media Violence (传媒暴力), I was watching the movie 黑金 (also known as 情义之西西里岛、贪婪之岛). It simply means manipulating the media for a certain political agenda.

Ever since then, media violence has evolved into the form of the paparazzi (狗仔队) in which the late Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer is the most notable victim.

Since then, it has even evolved further with the advent of the Internet, into Internet Violence (网络暴力) and of course it would naturally extend onto the Blogosphere. An example of that would be how bully Bo Davis, who humiliated a local trishaw-man, was shamed and ‘put on trial’ at least several thousand times over by the world for his insensitive actions.

But once again, Internet violence has erupted on Blogosphere – this time about scandalous photos allegedly taken off a celebrity’s laptop when he sent it for repair. Either way, this is my take on the matter and I divide the entire scandal into three stages and I suspect that there’s are certain ulterior and insidious motives behind it all.

The first stage is the release of photographs of HK actor and singer Edison Chen Edipr0n Chantik (陈冠希) with his ex-girlfriend (and ex-singer) Bobo (陈文嫒), and then a series of him with Gillian Chung (钟欣桐), a member of the girl band Twins. The second stage is the release of photographs of HK actress Cecilia Chung (张柏芝) in various compromising positions. The last stage would be the release of photos of Joey Yung (容祖儿) and Jolin Choi (蔡依林) allegedly related to the entire incident.

Why did I separate them into stages, when everyone is talking about it as if it is one single incident and are greatly anticipating the release of even more photographs of these celebrities?

First of all, the series of photos between EdipR0n and Bobo and then with Gillian Chung have both the ‘male lead’ and a ‘female lead’ in them. I feel no remorse for them even though they might be a victim, regardless of whether the photos are real or photo-shopped. If they are real, it has always be my considered opinion that certain people should be banned from the use of Information Technology.

Then a new series of photographs of Cecilia Cheung are released, and these do not contain any male lead in them. In it she looked either dazed, high on drugs or drunk. I felt sorry for her looking at the facial expressions on them, even though I traditionally disliked her.

If you ask me why I am making a point about the facial expression, that is because my common sense tells me that all fakes and photo-shopped naked pictures of celebrities almost certainly show the celebrity beaming at the camera man. In other words, the facial expression is taken off another photo when the celebrity is showing their best to try and please the media. Knowing that these celebrities are not in the AV industry, why on earth would they posed in those positions in their best media smiles? Perhaps, they have a certain hidden fetish for hentai that we don’t know of?

So, why the difference in feelings for both groups when they are all victims? The reason is simple, it would appear to me that Cecilia may have been coerced into taking those photos. In other words, it appears that she is made to pose and then someone was deliberately walking around to take those photos of her in different positions. They reminded me of the photo scandal of Carina Lau, apparently taken under coercion.

In summary, other than the most circumstantial evidence, the first and the second series of photos appear to have the least of relation whatsoever. In fact, I have reasons to suspect that people with nefarious intentions are behind it to sabotage Cecelia, who has all the appearances of being happily married with child over the last few months.

As for the last series of photos, there isn’t even much to even talk about. A lot of people knew the Joey Yung one was fake for a long time. And the ones with Jolin Choi are hardly even scandalous and according to some taken off one of her MTVs. This entire last series isn’t even worth the attention of anybody, but are just the works of the media (just like this post) to feed on the curiosity of the masses.

Incidentally, a friend from HK informed me that one of the print shops of a tabloid newspaper / magazine was recently destroyed in a fire, allegedly the work of arson. It makes me wonder if that was the precursor of an organised crime, whereby this entire affair is just part of the attempt to milk the public of money by selling them such trash while a rival couldn’t take advantage of the current scandal.


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