A letter to the NKF CEO

Davinder Singh in ‘The Man with the Golden Tap’.

Excerpts from the Straits Times:

Davinder Singh: We now understand why you say the $990 tap is not expensive. Well, coming from you at $600,000 a year, we now know why you say it is not expensive. But tell us, for that man with $1,000/$2,000, is it expensive?
T.T. Durai: Yes, he may consider it expensive.

Davinder Singh: He may, or is it? Tell us the truth.
T.T. Durai: I cannot speak for him. It depends on the type of building, the use of the item.

Davinder Singh: The man in his HDB one-room, two-room, three-room flat, earning a salary of $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 – would he find that tap at $990 plus 10 per cent discount expensive?
T.T. Durai: He may consider it expensive, yes.

Davinder Singh: He may, or will he?
T.T. Durai: If he is an educated person, if he knows the use of the particular office, for what purpose, he may probably think it is something reasonable.

A letter to the NKF CEO:

Dear sir,

I have the honour of being one of the ‘un-educated’ people because I could hardly find the installation of a $990 tap reasonable, regardless of the use and particular purpose of your office. In fact, I don’t even understand why you even need an office in the first place.

Being exceptionally ‘un-educated’, it is my considered opinion that they should have made you work from home, and all expenses paid out of your own pocket since it costs so much lesser to subscribe to broadband at home. Perhaps, they can then even cut your travelling expenses, and also your pay, so that they can relocate that cost for you to have more first-class flights.

Sadly, being ‘un-educated’ as I am, I couldn’t yet find the appropriate swear words in Hokkien to send my best wishes and regards. But considering the fate of a particular PSC scholar and some other bloggers, I wouldn’t do so even when I do find some for you.

Here’s a friendly advice for you, sir. Have the moral courage to resign if you do not yet have the courage to go down to that particular shop in Suntec City to purchase a katana and a wakazishi for the noble purpose of slitting your own belly.

Best Regards,

Darth ‘The Un-educated’ BiRdYz

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