About Me

My views do not represent any organisation, church, nor that of my employer. The reason I created this blog is to put down my thoughts and to let off some steam.

A developed country like Singapore is quite a pressure cooker. Thus, I often express my opinion or criticise the government and its policies. Though I maybe rather vehement in expressing my views (or anger), that does not really mean I hate the government to the point that everything written is nothing more but an extension of a perceived hatred. Neither is everything written to take a swipe at government departments, agencies, or policy makers. It simply means I do not blindly support the opposition. The debate on repealing Section 377A in 2008 and the furor surrounding AWARE in 2009 have given me absolutely no confidence in certain proponents of change in Singapore, along with certain members of the opposition parties. I shudder to imagine a Singapore run by these liberals or anarchists.

I also tend to be conservative and all the more so in terms of religion. Therefore, no one will find me a friend of liberal agendas, or macro evolution, even when I believe that all creatures are capable of a certain degree of change to adapt to the environment. Don’t pretend to teach me about tolerance, because while I can respect a person’s choices, I abhor being forced to endorse or celebrate that which is against my faith and beliefs. Simply put, I don’t really care whether a person choses to be (or considers himself born) a homosexual, but I will stand by the traditional definition of marriage. For example, I can tolerate my neighbor’s loud music, but that does not mean I endorse his choices nor will I sing or dance along to celebrate it. I can be a friend with a gambler, but that does not means I approve of gambling. I maybe critical of what they do, but I will go no further than just criticising and making a stand when required. It never cease to amaze me that when such a stand – which is considered reasonable and rational by most – is applied on the matter of homosexuality, I wo;; ne called a bigot and a hater.

Just who is being intolerant when I am given not even the choice of having a different opinion? Some of these so called “activists” would even resort to tactics like sending emails to a person’s company to intimidate his employer into firing the person for his views. So much for freedom of speech! Just how is such actions different from the very tactics the Sturmabteilung (SA) of the Nazi Party used against the Jews in Nazi Germany? How ironical for these “liberals” to resort to the very tactics of the Nazis and fascists they often rant about!

Let me also explain what my definition of “hate” is. Any person I hate is beneath my contempt. I won’t even bother to speak out against or rant about that person. I won’t even make reference to that person by calling him names because that is so childish. To waste more time to think about or talk about such a person only makes me more miserable and I have a lot of better things to do with my life. On the other hand, I don’t subscribe to the modern day definition of “love” – in which to love someone simply means going through all the pains to make the other person feel good. I simply wasn’t brought up that way. My parents don’t always make me feel good, and even when I was given a beating with a cane when I was a boy, I know it hurts my parents more than the pain I suffered because they loved me. Letting me feel good for that fleeting moment, while denying me the eternal joy of understand what is wrong, is not love. It is contemptuous neglect.

So, If you like what is written, leave a comment to let me know you have been here. Please come back and read often. But if you do not like what is written (or if you disagree violently), that is fine since I did not intend to convince anyone or to change their minds, or to engage in a meaningless debate / argument over who is right.

I will not, and cannot promise anyone I will approve all comments. This is after all my blog.